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New brand Identity - TBAuction

Digital auction platform strengthens focus on sustainability and technology

Amsterdam, 26 February 2024 – Today TBAuctions (TBA), Europe's leading digital auction platform for B2B used industrial equipment, launches its new brand identity under the motto "Everything has value”. To shine a light on making a positive difference to our planet, the company is committed to facilitating the circular economy. The new brand identity was realized in collaboration with digital marketing agency DEPT.

Revamping the TBA brand identity has been a great opportunity to create a distinctive, authentic style that aligns with the company's strategic direction and embraces the family of brands at the company. It is now when TBAuctions can embrace its new and modern brand identity where "TB" in TBAuctions stands for TechBids Auctions. The online auction platform aims to position digital auctions as the top preference for trading used business items, leveraging technology and high-quality bids as the cornerstone elements.

Brand Identity with Impact
Accelerating the circular economy is an important part of TBA’s mission. With a contemporary color palette that harmoniously combines green and deep aubergine, TBAuctions profiles itself as a brand fully committed to sustainability and a positive ecological impact. "Five years after the merger of Troostwijk Auctions and BVA Auctions, it was time to give the TBAuctions brand its own authentic face," says Sophia Kerkhof-Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer of TBAuctions. "The new colors not only embody our shared commitment to the circular economy, but also reflect the industrial and technological appeal that TBAuctions stands for."

Digital auctioning as the best option to create value
TBAuctions aims to be the first and most trusted choice to buy and sell used business assets, maximizing their lifespan and value; accelerating the circular economy. "We want to make digital auctioning the best option to create value for buyers and sellers of assets," says Kerkhof-Schneider. “Multiplying the power of our people, technology, and data enables us to seamlessly connect close, easy, and fast sourcing with global demand. In this way, we build a profitable business, reward and develop our people and extend the life cycle of assets to reduce waste and emissions."

Exciting contrast between sustainability and tech
To realize the new brand identity, the online auction platform engaged Dept. "It was a nice challenge to come up with a visual identity that connects the multiple businesses that TB Auctions is strong", says Manuel Di Tolve, Creative Director at DEPT. "A basic principle is sustainability, which is symbolically reflected in the color scheme. Opposite that is Tech, visualized with a technical and clean typography so as to create an exciting contrast. The diagonal serves as a container that can be filled in in multiple ways, such as through image, iconography or typography. This creates a rich, dynamic identity that fits well with the multifaceted nature of TB Auctions and its businesses."

TBAuctions new brand identity - black

New TBAuctions logo on black

Rebranding TBAuctions: old vs. new


- DEPT: brand identity
- Fitzgerald: communications and PR

ABOUT TBAuctions

TBAuctions (TBA) is Europe’s leading digital auction platform for B2B used industrial equipment. Our team of 1000 employees in seven brands in the Benelux, the Nordics, the UK, and Continental Europe serve buyers and sellers in 175 countries. We are extending the life of business goods, maximizing their value and sustainability; we facilitate the circular economy. With our proprietary intelligent auctioning platform, we make buying and selling more effective and efficient by using technology, AI, automation, and economies of scale. TBA’s digital auctions make this happen by creating a cross-border platform that perfectly matches the demand and supply of used business goods. Together with our brands, Auksjonen, Auktionshuset dab, British Medical Auctions, Klaravik, PS Auction, Troostwijk Auctions, and Vavato, TBA brings sustainable trade to a higher level. Sourcing locally and selling globally, our website receives 137M visits per year, 25M annual bids, 2M offered annual lots, and 600K unique bidders each year. Our motto: “Everything Has Value.”


Liina Liblik
Communications Manager
Liina Liblik