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Klaravik opens in Finland! Country Manager Tuukka Tulosmaa is excited for the launch of klaravik.fi  Klaravik opens in Finland! Country Manager Tuukka Tulosmaa is excited for the launch of klaravik.fi

Klaravik continues to grow and is now open in Finland. At Klaravik.fi, the very first auctions on Finnish soil started only a few days ago, complementing the presence in Sweden and Denmark. 

In 2012, Klaravik Sweden opened, and in 2018, Klaravik Denmark followed. After consistently rising demand from Finland, Klaravik Finland is now welcoming its Finnish buyers and sellers. It is a country with significant untapped potential, especially considering Klaravik's main target groups and several thousand Finns already use Klaravik in Sweden and Denmark. 

"Agriculture, forestry, and contracting are niches where we are very strong, which coincides well with large industries in Finland. In a customer survey, 98 percent of our Finnish bidders answered "yes" to the question of a Klaravik in Finland. Therefore, it feels exciting and fun that we are now making their wish a reality,” says Carita Nero, CEO at Klaravik. 

Finnish headquarters in Tampere 

With Finnish headquarters in Tampere and auction brokers in various locations in the country, Klaravik has comprehensively entered the new market. 

“We are very excited and happy to start offering Finnish companies the same opportunity to reuse their machines already in Sweden and Denmark,” says Tuukka Tulosmaa, Country Manager for Klaravik Finland. 

Best and largest local online auction for machines, tools, and vehicles in The Nordic region 

In 2023, the auction turnover in Sweden and Denmark will reach SEK 3.9 billion. A number that makes Klaravik the Nordic region's largest online auction for machines, tools, and vehicles. A position that the establishment in Finland will further support. 

“We have a safe and stable base and proven working methods. Our strength is combining size and global presence with curiosity and anchoring in the local. Now, we long to also make a difference and simplify the machinery trade in Finland,” concludes Carita Nero. 

From The Nordic region’s largest online auction platform and beyond  

In 2022, Klaravik, joined forces with TBAuctions, Europe's leading digital auction platform for B2B used industrial equipment, including other brands Auksjonen, Auktionshuset, British Medical Auctions, PS Auction, Troostwijk Actions, and Vavato. 

Tom Christenson, CEO of TBAuctions, comments on the expansion: "Congratulations to Klaravik on the achievement of launching Klaravik Finland! Your dedication and hard work have paid off, marking a significant milestone in expanding our reach and impact. Here's to continued success and growth as we forge ahead together!" He also adds: "This is exciting times for TBAuctions since Klaravik Finland is a new market, and Finnish customers will bid on lots offered at ATLAS Storefront, our in-house platform, for the first time, together with Vavato, Troostwijk Auctions, and other brands to follow." 

About Klaravik  

Klaravik was founded in Karlstad, Sweden, in 2012. Since then, the company has gradually become the largest online auction for used machinery, tools, and vehicles in the Nordic region. In 2023 items were sold with a total value of EUR 342 million, through klaravik.se (Sweden) and klaravik.dk (Denmark). Klaravik employs around 250 people, the klaravik.se websites attract over 33 million and klaravik.dk 5 million visits per year. Klaravik is part of TBAuctions. 

For more information on Klaravik Finland, please contact: David Kvicklund, Content Manager Klaravik, david.kvicklund@klaravik.se, +46 54 774 52 31 

ABOUT TBAuctions

TBAuctions (TBA) is Europe’s leading digital auction platform for B2B used industrial equipment. Our team of 1000 employees in seven brands in the Benelux, the Nordics, the UK, and Continental Europe serve buyers and sellers in 175 countries. We are extending the life of business goods, maximizing their value and sustainability; we facilitate the circular economy. With our proprietary intelligent auctioning platform, we make buying and selling more effective and efficient by using technology, AI, automation, and economies of scale. TBA’s digital auctions make this happen by creating a cross-border platform that perfectly matches the demand and supply of used business goods. Together with our brands, Auksjonen, Auktionshuset dab, British Medical Auctions, Klaravik, PS Auction, Troostwijk Auctions, and Vavato, TBA brings sustainable trade to a higher level. Sourcing locally and selling globally, our website receives 137 million visits per year, 25 million annual bids, 2 million offered annual lots, and 600.000 unique bidders each year. Our motto: “Everything Has Value.”


Liina Liblik
Communications Manager
Liina Liblik