2024-01-25 07:45PRESS RELEASE


Picture: Kåre Madsen (L) and Jens Poulstrup Nielsen (R)Picture: Kåre Madsen (L) and Jens Poulstrup Nielsen (R)

KJ Auktion joins forces with Auktionshuset dab, a company part of TBAuctions, to combine into a leading Danish auction house for insolvency and project-based auctions. Both companies are looking forward to the future, where they will use each other’s experience, skills, and knowledge to be a stronger force together.

The acquisition is an important part of a larger TBAuctions (TBA) plan to build a stronger position in the Danish market and a more significant share of the Danish insolvency and project-based auctions united under one roof. Auktionshuset dab (DAB) is a leading auction house in bankruptcies and insolvencies in Denmark. Kåre Madsen, CEO of Auktionshuset dab, expresses his thoughts on the acquisition. “We both have great qualities that give enormous strength and together, we stand incredibly strong to serve our customers across the country.”

More than 70 years of experience together gives a strong position
Auktionshuset dab was founded in 1970 as Dansk Automobil Børs with auctions over cars, agricultural machinery, and bankruptcies. Later, the company split into two departments, with Auktionshuset dab as one. Today, the company, alongside KJ Auktion, has 23 employees working with valuation, auctions, marketing, sales, customer service, and warehouse management across Denmark.

KJ Auktion was founded in 2007 in Høng, Zealand, Denmark, and moved to Storvorde in 2015. Two years later, the headquarters moved to Hou, just outside Hals in North Jutland, where six employees are based today. KJ Auktion mainly addresses the professional segment of bidders and focuses on machinery and bankruptcies within the farming, construction, metalwork, and woodworking industries.

The COO of KJ Auktion, Jens Poulstrup Nielsen, is looking forward to working with the Auktionshuset dab leadership team. “We know what we at KJ Auktion stand for, and the same applies to Auktionshuset dab. Our strengths overlap, but our focus will be on business development and to achieve even better results through collaboration.”

The North Jutland auction house KJ Auktion, located in Hou near Hals, has organised auctions all over the country, while Auktionshuset dab, headquartered in Hasselager in the south of Aarhus, also organises auctions all over Denmark and has locations around the country.

From a Danish acquisition to a European player
In the spring of 2023, Auktionshuset dab became a part of the TBAuctions, one of Europe’s largest B2B auction platforms offering end-to-end auction services to industrial and business customers, enabling used goods and equipment to have a second life. Now KJ Auktion joins to further expand the Auktionshuset dab presence in Denmark. While Auktionshuset dab keeps working under its name, KJ Auktion will be integrated into Auktionshuset dab. The employees of KJ Auktion will continue their work and be an integral part of the new but familiar department in North Jutland.

It means that the bidders from KJ Auktion will start using Auktionshuset dab and their bidding platform while being greeted by familiar faces in the department in Hou.

For further questions, please feel free to contact Kåre Madsen, +45 29 72 44 86 / e-mail: kaare@auktionshuset.dk or Jens Poulstrup Nielsen, +45 51 64 88 11 / E-mail: jn@kjauktion.dk

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